‘Dennis Man United’ shout headlines in Romania on Wednesday morning after Steaua București owner Gigi Bacali went on TV to claim interest from the Premier League club.

Jose Mourinho has been watching international friendlies and his trip to Romania to see the game against Finland has created a stir. Last week the Manchester United manager watched Austria beat Germany and that got plenty of attention, with Mourinho telling local reporters he was simply in the area on holiday.

Now the vacation has moved to Romania and he watched the home side win 2-0 in Ploieşti.

This trip is obviously big news and Bacali used it to claim interest in Dennis Man, a 19 year old attacker who came on with around half an hour to go. quote him as saying: “I do not know why Mourinho came to Romania, but I know that Manchester, two months ago, was interested in Man and we asked about €30m. That’s what I ask. When they’re not for sale, I ask very much. I want to take a lot more money, not €30m. I do not want to sell him for 3, 5, 10. I want 30 to make his price, so I could get 60, 100, million.”

We don’t have anyone at Sport Witness who speaks Romanian to double check, but Emanuel Rosu is the country’s go-to football reference, and he quotes Bacali saying similar.