Ajax director Menno Geelen has admitted it is nice to be linked with Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United but insisted he has no intention of leaving just yet.

Last month we covered comments from sports marketer Chris Woerts about Geelen, whose work with Ajax has reportedly not gone unnoticed in the Premier League.

According to Worts, Geelen, who was voted ‘sponsor personality’ of the year in 2017 and named among the ‘most talented sales professionals’ by Leaders in Sport that year is attracting interest from Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United because of his work in Ajax’s commercial department.

Geelen is the current commercial director at the Dutch club, having risen from account manager in the sponsorship to Head of Sponsorship in recent years.

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He’s clearly been doing excellent work, with Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United all appearing on the radar, according to Woerts.

Geelen, though, isn’t interested in a move to England just yet, as he wants to finish the job he started in the Netherlands first.

“So it was nice to hear from them that they are positive about you and want to talk concretely about a transfer,” he told Ajax Showtime, relayed by Voetbal Zone.

“But even though working in the Premier League will certainly be nice, I don’t need those talks now.

“For the time being, I am happy to stay at Ajax. We are working on a plan to enable Ajax to structurally link up with the European top.

“We as a commercial department, and therefore I as the person responsible, would like to contribute our bit, even if it is small compared to my football colleagues.”