Juventus will sit down with Everton this summer to renegotiate the loan deal for Moise Kean as they look to avoid paying €28m for him.

That’s according to Tuttosport, relayed by Tuttomercatoweb, who say the Italian giants don’t want to pay for the striker.

Kean is currently on loan from Everton on a deal that sees Juventus pay €3m for the first year, €4m for the second and then €28m for the permanent deal at the end of it.

They are obligated to pay that latter clause if certain objectives are met, but it has been made clear for months they would prefer not to do so as Kean has managed just six goals and three assists in 42 games in all competitions this season.

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Indeed, it has been made clear that Juventus would prefer to spend their money elsewhere and have been working up formulas to that end.

The prevalent idea is that they arrange for Kean to move elsewhere this summer, buy him from Everton a year early and then sell him on.

That, though, would involve finding a suitor for the striker and arranging a new agreement with Everton, a complicated affair, to say the least.

Tuttosport now pick up on that and say Kean is one of several players who ‘could leave Turin this summer’.

He is ‘officially owned’ by Everton, though, so his situation will have to be ‘rediscussed’ with the Toffees first.

On the face of it, there is no reason for the Blues to budge, given they are near-guaranteed €28m at the end of next season and €4m for the renewal of the loan in the summer.

They, then, don’t really need to do anything, although perhaps Juventus could tempt them into accepting a lower price in exchange for getting their money this summer rather than in a year’s time.

That would certainly help the ailing finances at Goodison Park and is realistically the only rearrangement we can see them accepting, although the two clubs will need to agree an agreeable figure first.