Never hiding his love for Benfica, Manchester City star Bernardo Silva has once again teased everyone with talk of a possible comeback to the Lisbon side.

The midfielder was this week interviewed by RTP’s Primeira Pessoa, and it’s Notícias Ao Minuto who features the quotes.

That conversation started with Bernardo once again claiming he could’ve stayed at Benfica for longer, as he only made three appearances for their first team before getting sold to Monaco.

“I thought the club could have held on to me in another way. Not only that, but a group of four or five people who, if they understood football, I’d say, would have seen things differently,” said Bernardo Silva.

The Manchester City player was then asked whether he fancies a return to the club, and he confirmed that, also claiming he wouldn’t be able to play for any of Benfica’s rivals.

“I want to. If the club wants me at the time, obviously things will happen. I wouldn’t be able to play for FC Porto or Sporting, it won’t happen.”

Bernardo Silva spent years at Benfica’s academy, and despite his little use in their first team, Monaco spent €15.75m on his signing in 2015.

He only spent a couple of years in France until Manchester City bought him for €50m in the summer of 2017.

The midfielder is still 29 and there’s probably a long way until a comeback to Portugal becomes a real possibility. Still, he seemingly doesn’t mind promising a return home when the opportunity presents itself.