When Roque Mesa moved from Swansea City to Sevilla on loan, Sport Witness explained there’d probably be a lower than expected rescission clause in the deal, and the Spanish club would then try and get that price down anyway.

Sevilla have a record of not exactly sticking to contractual agreements regarding buying clauses, and they’re often not the best club to loan to from a financial perspective.

Initial claims of a €10m buying clause were soon lowered to €7/8m, and now Estadio Deportivo explain Sevilla have ‘for weeks’ been trying to get that figure down.

Sevilla ‘tries to play the trick of relegation to the Championship’ on Swansea, explains Estadio Deportivo. What that means is it will be felt at the Spanish club that Swansea are under pressure to bring in money because of their relegation.

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Parachute payments and the general financial strength of the Championship aren’t fully appreciated around Europe, so a fire-sale is often assumed when a team goes down.

Now there’s further pressure on the potential deal, with Sevilla’s clause expiring on June 30th. It’s a balance for Swansea because there’s a good chance of Sevilla simply walking away.

The situation must be causing annoyance at the Welsh club, especially as it feels like they may have been used by both Mesa and Sevilla from the start. Sevilla initially wanted to sign the midfielder from Las Palmas, but they didn’t want to sell him to another Spanish club, and the price was too high.

Six months at Swansea has lined Mesa’s pockets well, seen him then move to Sevilla on loan anyway, and the club, even if they use the clause, will be paying less than they would have a year ago.