Tension behind the scenes between Pep Guardiola and Erling Haaland could open the door for Real Madrid to sign the Manchester City superstar.

That’s according to journalist Eduardo Inda, relayed by Bernabeu Digital, who has revealed information from his sources regarding a possible disagreement at the Etihad.

They explain that Madrid continue to look at forward options for their squad and, other than Kylian Mbappe, the other big standout name is that of Haaland.

He is currently the best striker on the planet and that’s not gone unnoticed by anyone, particularly the power brokers at Real Madrid.

Signing the Norwegian has always looked difficult because the play is ‘very comfortable’ at Manchester City where he is winning titles and the undisputed star.

However, according to Inda, the garden is not that rosy and there is actually a disagreement bubbling away between Haaland and Pep Guardiola.

“They tell me from the player’s entourage that there has been a certain disagreement with Guardiola since before the Ballon d’Or gala,” he claimed.

“Pep grandly praised Messi, saying that his worst season ‘Leo coincided with the best of Haaland.’

“(He) praised both of them, but he put in that phrase and Haaland was not amused. There is a certain distance from the coach. The relationship is not in a good moment. What you have to say is that the Ballon d’Or has to go to your star and not Leo Messi.”

That ‘tension’ could be something for Real Madrid to ‘take advantage of’ to bring their position and Haaland’s closer, at least according to Bernabeu Digital’s understanding. Whether that’s the case in reality, though, is another matter.

First and foremost, we have to admit that Inda is not the best source for this kind of thing and something of a wild rumour merchant, so you have to take his claims with an enormous barrel of salt first.

Then there’s the fact it’s being covered by a Real Madrid fan website, who are naturally going to put a positive spin on it from their own club’s perspective.

Both of those things make these claims easily dismissible but any more comments from the Manchester City coach, or little discussions with Haaland on the pitch, and you should expect more to be said in future.