Jose Mourinho making it clear that he wants to keep Giovani Lo Celso at the club has gone down well in Seville.

There’d been worry at time that Spurs would try to avoid using one of the buying options they have over the Argentina international, and therefore there was always the possibility of him returning to Real Betis.

ABC Sevilla cover Mourinho’s words of encouragement for the transfer, but make it clear the money hasn’t arrived from Tottenham yet. Having paid €16m to loan Lo Celso for the current season, Spurs can either pay €32m in January to make it permanent, or €40m in the summer.

There’s only a handful of days left for the Premier League club to still use the cheaper option, and it doesn’t feel like Betis think it’s coming imminently.

Either way, it’ll be a record sale for them, especially with the €16m loan fee taken into account. Should Tottenham complete the move this week then the Seville club will receive €48m in total, and if they choose the summer it will rise to €56m.

Betis continue to wait.