Torino are unhappy with Leeds United over Pontus Jansson, believing they should have already received the €4m to make his transfer permanent. The Italian side believe that a clause was in the loan, making Jansson’s switch permanent once he’d played 22 games for Leeds.

More to the point, this is when Torino also expected the money.

On Wednesday Torino Granata talk up the possibility of the club having to wait until the end of June for the money, which is when it’s thought Leeds United are happy to pay anyway.

That presents the question as to why, if Torino know they’ll get the money soon, a complaint was lodged with FIFA in the first place. But, as we explained a few days ago, the whole process seems to have been a shot across the bows of Leeds to warn the club not to try and play games.

Perhaps giving an example of the simmering irritation at the situation, Torino Granata say their favoured club ‘sold the Scandinavian after two very disappointing seasons’.

Despite that, Leeds could easily double their money and more this summer, should they so wish. That’s likely to be an irritation for Torino too.