Juventus have ‘started the first contacts’ with Southampton to sign Carlos Alcaraz again in the summer transfer window.

That’s according to Tuttomercatoweb, relaying information from La Stampa, who say the Italian side are not looking at a permanent basis but another loan deal.

They state that despite only being used for 192 minutes in six appearances so far, Alcaraz is well liked at Juventus, and they are keen to get him back from Southampton.

The club have made it clear they will not take up the option they have to sign him on a permanent basis once the season comes to an end.

That doesn’t mean a stay in Turin cannot be ruled out, though, and Juventus director of football Cristiano Giuntoli has already ‘started the first contacts’ with Southampton to try and extend the loan deal into a second season.

Tuttosport, via Il Bianconero, go into this in more detail, explaining Juventus would have to pay would have to pay €50m to sign Alcaraz permanently but they have no intention to do so.

That price is considered too expensive and not feasible, especially given how he’s barely featured for them since arriving in January.

Giuntoli continues to believe in the Southampton youngster, though, so is taking other paths in his attempts to keep hold of him.

One of the things he would really like is a ‘strong discount’ on that €50m figure, but Southampton are unlikely to accept that.

So, the alternate option is to renew the loan for another year but then include a right of redemption for next summer at a more agreeable price for the Italian side.

There is work to be done, then, but talks are underway, and Juventus are doing what they can toa avoid paying the price they agreed to back in January.

The lesson here for Southampton is that such lofty clauses may look good at the time of the agreement but will never be used.

Juventus’ money men will want another loan and then a much lower buying clause, and unless that clause is compulsory they probably won’t use that either.