The romance between Andreas Pereira and Santos FC continues.

On Monday, we covered the midfielder’s interview with Globo Esporte talking about his love for the Brazilian club. Even though he’s always claimed to be a fan, the Manchester United player went further this time, saying he would play for the South American giants for free.

Now Santos became aware of the interview and couldn’t miss the opportunity to make a big deal out of it. So on a social media post, they’ve shown they’re sending him a shirt with the same number as he uses at Manchester United.

“Your interview was sensational, @AndreasPereira! It’s very good to see your love for the Big Fish. Check out what is going to Manchester as a gift. I keep rooting for you here from Baixada and, rest assured, your dream will still be fulfilled. Today, the sacred mantle goes as a gift. In the future, it will be your uniform!”

Earlier this year, when Andreas Pereira was having his loan spell at Valencia, Santos fans started a campaign asking him to join the Brazilian club. It looked like a very difficult wish at the time, and now that he’s being used by José Mourinho at Manchester United, it seems pretty impossible.

So better to wait for the last years of his career.