Cast your mind back to July, and you may remember we covered several reports that suggested Everton were interested in a young striker called Adolfo Gaich.

Those reports came from Argentina, and his agent even confirmed the ‘European market’ was keen on his client.

Fast forward and Gaich has been enjoying a relatively decent season, with three goals in eight games for San Lorenzo to date.

It’s his best period at the club so far, and according to Marca Claro (the South America edition), they are now looking to ensure that such form doesn’t cause any ‘surprises’ in the transfer market.

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The newspaper reports that San Lorenzo’s board are planning to increase Gaich’s release clause from $5m to $20m, as well as extend his contract by another year to 2022.

This is because Gaich has been ‘surveyed’ by clubs such as Everton and AC Milan and so San Lorenzo are looking to shield him and ensure they get as much money as possible should those clubs ever make moves in future.

There’s no suggestion that Everton or anyone else will, but if they should, they may want to move quickly before San Lorenzo increase that asking price once again.