When a Brazilian player is involved in a big transfer between European clubs, you can be sure there will be a club in his home country rooting for it to happen.

FIFA’s solidarity mechanism provides a big help for clubs who had these players back in their youth. Many times, these sides make more from this percentage than from the time they sold the youngsters to a European club.

This seems to be the case of Joellinton, who’s been heavily linked to Premier League sides lately. A new attempt from Newcastle United, which is being reported by the English media, is making some waves in Brazil today.

Globo Esporte reports that Sport Recife (his former club) could make RS$4m (£850k) if Newcastle really pay £36m for the striker, as it’s been reported. That’s 2.25% of the transfer.

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The website interviewed Sport’s vice-president Carlos Frederico, who admitted that they’ve been following these Newcastle claims.

“For a club that’s under budget constraints, an amount like this, which we don’t even count in our budget, is something very positive, no doubt. It’s something that, if it happens, will help us a lot,” Carlos Frederico told Globo Esporte.