As you may well remember, before it was announced that Luciano Spalletti would be taking over from the exonerated Stefano Pioli, Inter were all about Antonio Conte.

The Serie A side were convinced they’d be able to convince the Chelsea manager to jump ship straight after winning his first Premier League title in his first season by paying him lots of money.


In the end, that didn’t happen, and the former Italy manager is staying at Stamford Bridge next season, but, if Corriere dello Sport on Tuesday are to be believed, that might not have been the case had the Italians made their offer.

Why? Because Inter’s Chinese owners were prepared to throw the kitchen sink, as well as the bathtub and a bidet, at the Chelsea man.

The Italian newspaper explain that Jindong Zhang wanted him so much, he wanted to offer him a 10-year contract worth €120m (that’s around £200k/week) on top of full control in the management of the team and what went on in the transfer market.

However, his newly appointed director of football, Walter Sabatini, had already agreed a deal with Luciano Spalletti, and the rest is history.

Would Conte have said yes? We doubt it.