With Antonio Conte expected to take charge of Napoli, the Italian media has been talking about the possibility of Romelu Lukaku’s arrival at the club as well.

It’s well known that the Serie A side should sell Victor Osimhen this summer, and since Chelsea are suitors to land him, they could try to include the Belgian in the deal.

Lukaku and Conte worked together at Inter Milan, and that’s now an extra factor to feed this story, but Area Napoli now shows up with some arguments against it.

It’s said that club president Aurelio Laurentiis is not that keen on taking Lukaku from Chelsea, as he’d rather invest money on someone younger.

The Napoli chief, besides worrying about the player being 31, is concerned about his ‘tendency to injuries’ and his ‘high salary costs’. They should then ‘turn to other profiles’.

That’s a blow for Chelsea, as Lukaku could present the opportunity for a major discount in the Blues’ mission to sign Osimhen this summer.

The Stamford Bridge side will need to find another solution for the Belgian, while AS Roma, who had him on loan this season, don’t want to spend much on his permanent signing.