We’re really starting to lose count of how many bids Manchester City have allegedly made to sign Everton from Grêmio, with all of them being called out as a lie a few days later.

The last one was reported last week, when it was said that Pep Guardiola’s side had offered £55m to buy the Brazilian forward.

Grêmio and Everton’s agent Gilmar Veloz both denied such bid on Friday, and before the club’s debut in the season this Sunday, president Romildo Bolzan Junior has spoken a little more about it.

“It’s this crazy social media. Someone publishes on Instagram and there’s a rush, a disease in everyone,” Romildo Bolzan Junior told Zero Hora. “There’s a whole situation resolved with him. It is not part of our perspective to work with his departure.”

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The president’s reference to ‘social media’ is because Manchester City’s bid was reported just after Everton stopped following Grêmio on Instagram. However, his staff later claimed that it was all fine between him and the club, and part of a marketing campaign.

Regarding a future transfer, the president expects Everton to stay at Grêmio for at least one more year: “I don’t even speak about the middle of the year. If it happens, it will be at the end of the year. Who knows. If it’s all right for him, for the club. Sometime it will happen. There are players pulling the rope to get to his place.”