It’s been quiet on the Eduardo Macia to Bordeaux front over the past few months, especially since there was talk the Leicester chief could end up at Southampton instead.

The Spaniard was a top target for the Ligue 1 side’s new owners, who have now completed their takeover of the club, yet while some outlets claimed the deal was 99% done, something got stuck along the way and he still hasn’t moved.

Sud-Ouest suggested the trail had gotten ‘colder’, but that doesn’t mean it’s died altogether, as Joseph DaGrosa, Bordeaux’s new president, explained to 20 Minutes, who enquired about the delay in appointing a new director of football, notably Macia.

He said: “We can’t really comment on him, even if we’ve known him for over a year. Hugo Varela has known him for longer. I think that if we can get him to come, it will be a great bonus for the club, but for now there’s no change, even if things can evolve quickly. Our football project is building the team up.”

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To us, this sounds like Eduardo Macia is waiting until the end of the season to make a change, as leaving Leicester in the lurch midway through the campaign, especially so close to the January transfer window, might not go down too well.

Obviously that’s just us spitballing, and we’ll have to wait and see.

All we know now is Bordeaux haven’t given up on their hope of bringing in the Leicester head of scouting.