Some reports are starting to emerge in Portugal saying Sporting’s delay in accepting Leicester City’s offer is what made Adrien Silva’s transfer miss the deadline.

Of, there are those blaming Leicester City, but, even in the Portuguese media, the blame isn’t only going one way.

A Bola has already reported Sporting president Bruno de Carvalho played a hard game before accepting Leicester’s bid, and now Correio da Manhã has a very similar story.

They say the president’s ‘stubbornness’ will cost the midfielder four months without playing, and it could all have been solved with a little more good faith.

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Correio da Manhã claims that only €200k, from a €24m deal, was the difference between what Leicester City were offering and what Sporting were demanding.

Bruno de Carvalho would have been advised by one of his lawyers that he should accept the offer or there wouldn’t be time for the deal to be submitted to FIFA’s system. Still, the president would have said: “it’s either how I want it, or it isn’t at all”.

That’s why the newspaper believes that Bruno ‘plotted’ against Adrien, and the transfer couldn’t happen in time because of the club president.

It’s a better slant for Leicester City, and one which wouldn’t be entirely out of character for Bruno de Carvalho.