Argentine side have been making it pretty clear that they’d have Manchester United goalkeeper Sergio Romero back at the club.

A couple of weeks ago, the local media first reported that the Avallaneda side were interested in signing the 33-year-old.

Then club president Victor Blanco said they ‘obviously’ want to have him at the club, although Romero must be aware he won’t make the same money he currently earns at Manchester United.

The official has been speaking to the Argentine press again, and one more time, he claimed that Romero must not think of money in case he chooses to return.

“Sergio Romero has to be convinced to come to the club that formed him and catapulted him to go abroad, but it’s a difficult decision because there’s a family behind it. Economics should not be the problem for these players”, said Blanco (via ESPN).

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Sérgio Romero always seemed comfortable in being Manchester United’s second goalkeeper, but a lot changed this summer.

First because he lost his place at the national team, and also because Dean Henderson was called back to the first team squad, making the Argentine international the third option.

On top of that, his wife has been making it pretty clear that he’d like to leave the club now.