Fluminense president Pedro Abad has finally talked a little bit more about the transfer of wonderkid João Pedro to Watford.

Even though there’s some expectation from the Brazilian club fans to know the exact amount from a transfer fee, the official still hasn’t revealed the numbers.

However, he’s left some clues that the agreement with Watford should have many transfer bonuses, as he’s claimed that Fluminense will continue to make money even after the player makes the move.

Speaking to Radio Brasil (via Netflu) Abad has also justified why the club sold a player at such a young age: “All the clubs have some complicated financial situations and for the moment of the club in the competitions, we needed our entire squad and we were interested to make a new model of negotiation, with the values being able to grow in the continuation of his career. 

“João Pedro aroused the interest of another club, we created a model so that we didn’t lose money. Goals will be met and new values will reach the club. We understood that we could do with some security and that it could solve some financial problems.”

Asked if the transfer’s money will be used to pay the delayed salaries, he said: “It’s one of the destinations when we get it. But there’s another thing we need to figure out. Football is the flagship, but there are other activities around football that need balance. One part to settle salaries of the athletes and another part of the club itself.”

João Pedro turns 18 in September 2019, and will only move to Watford in January 2020.