After many years covering the transfer market, there are some stories which still catch us by surprise.

A good one from the weekend is about Wolverhampton Wanderers striker Raul Jimenez, who’s apparently not going back to the Mexican league so soon.

A move to Chivas has been ruled out by club president Amauri Vergara this weekend, who also says he’s not signing Guillermo Ochoa to the club.

“No, I definitely do not see Raúl Jiménez at Chivas, not even Ochoa. I’m sorry for them, but they are not the profile for Chivas,” Amauri Vergara told TVC Deportes (via Medio Tiempo).

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The reason why both players have been mentioned by the club president is their past at Chivas’ rivals America. Vargas doesn’t want them to be crossing that line, and has taken the quite odd step of dismissing a signing which didn’t look even remotely likely.

Jimenez hasn’t been linked to Chivas lately, and it’s not likely he would be. The Mexican press is well aware of how loved the striker is at Molineux, and there’s no reason to leave Wolves for such a club.

Vargas is likely playing up to his club’s supporters.