Marcos Rojo’s return to Argentina seems to have become the main topic in his country’s sports media today.

Several sources have been claiming that Boca Juniors are interested in signing the Manchester United defender, and Olé, Argentina’s most important football newspaper, now confirms the talks.

The outlet claims that there’s will ‘from both parties’ for a deal, and the move was discussed in a call from Buenos Aires to the Red Devils player. That was confirmed by the defender’s entourage.

Olé highlights that this isn’t the first time this conversation has happened, because Rojo himself had already admitted talks with Boca Juniors president Juan Roman Riquelme last year.

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The big doubt is about when Rojo will be able to make the move. His contract with Manchester United expires in June, which would make him available to leave as a free agent, but a January transfer is being considered as well.

Boca Juniors are playing the Copa Libertadores semifinals in the coming days, but as pointed out by Olé, players can no longer be registered at this stage.

So there isn’t a big rush for the move.

The outlet says there’s a three-year contract waiting for him.