Every day for a couple of weeks the Spanish sport media have been pushing Hector Bellerin articles. Pretty much giving up on him being a realistic target when he signed his new Arsenal contract, and declaring Barcelona wouldn’t want him anyway, the Spanish media now feel encouraged.

Bellerin’s interviews whilst on international duty sounded a lot softer and more positive towards a future Barcelona return. The Arsenal player is experienced in batting away suggestions of a Barca return, and did so around the time of his renewal, but things had changed.

There’s every chance Bellerin, not one to hide from attention, quite enjoys being a big transfer story in Spain and his profile rising in his home country. Flirting with a return would certainly tick that box.

The claims continue in Spain on Saturday with AS explaining Robert Fernandez has been jetting around Europe trying to get a deal closer. The Barcelona transfer chief flew to London to talk to Bellerin, and flew to Italy to watch him play.

Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 08.35.44Arsenal’s asking price is put at €50m, but AS say that isn’t the only obstacle. Bellerin is very close to Arsene Wenger and the manager staying at Arsenal makes the defender unlikely to leave.

Should Wenger go then Barcelona will feel they have the green light. AS say the club would then try to use Bellerin’s desire for a transfer, which they hope he’d have, to force Arsenal to accept a deal.