On Thursday, Corriere dello Sport gave their readers an update on the Lazio-Bobby Adekanye situation, making it clear the Serie A side were pushing hard to get a deal over the line.

Friday sees them publishing another update on the matter, this time filled with far more detail, and it isn’t good news for Liverpool fans hoping he might stay.

The Italian outlet state the winger has rejected not one, but two offers from the Reds to remain at Anfield, the latest of which came in recent weeks.

Down their end, Lazio have offered a five-year contract to the 20-year-old, but the youngster would prefer to sign for just three, unwilling to dedicate so much of his career to an adventure that might not work out.

Regardless, the offer is there, and Corriere state the player is aware that Lazio won’t wait for his answer forever, expecting a sign sometime in April regarding his decision.

With other offers to consider, these will be busy weeks for the Liverpool youngster, who needs a rather important decision at this point in his career.