Ajax’s efforts to sign Steven Bergwijn from Tottenham Hotspur continue to be a topic in the Dutch media, where they know the Eredivisie side are struggling to afford the winger’s signing.

Today, on De Telegraaf’s football podcast, journalist Mike Verweij explains that even though there seems to be a big offer made for the 24-year-old, that will depend on the point of view, as Spurs may not consider it enough.

“Look, Ajax’s offer of eighteen million euros is an enormous amount, but from a Spurs perspective that is not much at all,” said Verweij (via Soccer News).

“Bergwijn was bought from PSV at the time for thirty million and in principle they want that money back.”

Tottenham’s asking price for Bergwijn has been a constant slant from the Dutch media in the past few days. This morning, we had already seen outlet AD claiming Ajax will face a ‘hell of a job’ to get the transfer done in January.

It had already been recently said that an €18m attempt was rejected by Spurs, despite both clubs wanting wanting to find common ground and get the move done. Now with Ajax struggling to improve the figures, it seems the deal is only happening if the London side give in a little.