West Brom’s summer interest in Franco Di Santo has once again been mentioned in the German media. And, once again, it’s an article crticial of the player and his performances for Schalke, looking ahead to a possible parting of the ways in the January transfer window.

The 27 year old Argentine has played in England for Chelsea, Blackburn Rovers, and Wigan Athletic, and Tony Pulis obviously thought he could offer some depth. However, the striker hasn’t scored any goals this season, earns big wages, and isn’t much wanted at Schalke.

Kicker say that Di Santo is now ‘only a marginal figure’ at Schalke, and if it gets any worse, or doesn’t get better, then it’s a sure sign of an ‘imminent departure’.

To facilitate a departure there has to be a buyer and that may be easier said than done, especially given his season so far.

Kicker state: ‘In summer, he refused even an offer from West Bromwich; if serious prospects are on the mat in the winter, Di Santo should evaluate his situation differently. And certainly also FC Schalke would be willing to compromise.’

Surely it’s too late for Di Santo and West Brom, and a second approach, however welcome it now would be, is unlikely.