Earlier this week, the Brazilian media revealed that Grêmio are interested in signing Carlos Vinícius from Fulham this summer.

The striker has just had a loan spell at Galatasaray, and with him unlikely to have a place in Marco Silva’s squad, clubs have started to move.

Now it seems there should be a little competition to bring Carlos Vinícius back home, because according to journalist Jorge Nicola, Palmeiras are keen on his signing as well.

The reporter claims to have spoken to someone close to the centre-forward, who said there’s a ‘real chance’ he can leave Fulham for them.

Nicola says he also recently had a conversation with Carlos Vinícius’ agent, Flavio Ribeiro, who claimed there’s indeed a ‘big chance’ the player will move back to Brazil soon.

The striker is valued by Transfemarkt at €4m, and has a contract with Fulham running until 2025.

When Grêmio were first reported to be interested, we said there was a good chance they’d want a loan. Now with Palmeiras also involved, it seems the chances for a permanent deal are bigger.