According to a report in the German media, Hamburg players will be hit with massive salary reductions following their relegation to Bundesliga 2 at the weekend, apart from Pierre Michel-Lasogga.

The forward is currently on loan with Leeds United and wasn’t involved in Hamburg dropping down to the German second tier for their first time in their history.

Welt report Hamburg players will have their wages reduced by up to 40% next season as per their contracts.

However, this doesn’t apply to Lasogga and if he returns to Hamburg for next season he will continue to be paid his €3.4m a season salary.

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This gives Hamburg a dilemma ahead of the summer and a further likelihood they need to offload the Leeds United loanee. Lasogga still has one year left on his contract with the German club.

With the loss in revenue and given their already dire financial situation continuing to pay Lasogga such a wage will be an issue for the German club.

Leeds United have helped Hamburg out this season by paying a percentage of his wage but with no indication that he’ll remain, he’s soon to be HSV’s problem again.