Regardless of where you work or what industry you work in, it’s always nice to be rewarded for your efforts.

Footballers are no different. Be it bonuses for goals, assists, wins or even trophies; they too like to reap the fruits of their labours.

For Club Atlético Torque, recently promoted to Uruguay’s First Division, their reward will be the chance to train with Manchester City and meet Pep Guardiola.

El Bocón report today that the Uruguayan side, who are owned by the City Football Group, have been rewarded for their promotion to the top tier, the first time the club has made it there since their formation in 2007, with a trip to England.

While there they will get the opportunity to train with Manchester City, as well as watch City in the Premier League and Champions League.

El Bocón cover the story as striker Sergio Blanco is part of the squad and he used to play for Sporting Cristal in Peru, hence why a Peruvian sports newspaper has picked up it.

It’s not stated whether the team will be training with Pep Guardiola and the Manchester City squad, although it’s probably safe to assume they’ll at least meet them at some point during the trip.