With Newcastle United still named as one of the potential destinations for Santos striker Marcos Leonardo, the Brazilian media today shares some fresh news on the battle for his signing.

Covering a recent interview given by agent Rafaela Pimenta, Globo Esporte shows up claiming that we should soon see the end of this saga.

It’s first said that the representative opened talks with Newcastle, Real Madrid and Arsenal.

Even though those clubs have only made approaches so far, there’s a ‘big expectation’ from both Marcos Leonardo’s staff and Santos that offers worth at least €18m will be made soon.

Since the Brazilian club are having their presidential elections soon, their current chief Andres Rueda isn’t expected to handle the sale.

The new president, who will take charge on January 1st, is the one who will deal with any negotiations.

That’s why Newcastle and others shouldn’t hurry for the transfer for now. They are clearly doing the right thing by keeping the connections to Pimenta, but it should still take a few weeks until Santos are actually ready to start negotiating the striker’s departure.