Jese Rodriguez is proving something of a problem for PSG. In a classic example of proving why due diligence is crucial to making transfers work, PSG have been shocked to find out that Jese isn’t keen on learning French, and is a bit more ‘starry’ than they’d have hoped for.

L’Equipe report on Friday that PSG are now somewhat regretting paying Real Madrid €25m for the player, and then putting him on high wages. We covered an article from Canarias7 on Thursday which said Middlesbrough was becoming a likelier destination than Las Palmas because of a tax issue, and the French newspaper cover that too on Friday.

Jese would prefer Las Palmas, but PSG would prefer Middlesbrough or another Premier League club. The obvious reason is money, with Middlesbrough able to cover more of the player’s wages, but it’s not the only reason.

L’Equipe say ‘Jese does not always know how to say no to friends who are not bound by a curfew. And in Las Palmas they are necessarily a little more numerous than in the north of England.’

Again, that sounds like PSG have concerns about the player’s character. Middlesbrough’s nightlife may well be tempting for the 23 year old, but unless he brings some friends over he could be struggling for party partners.

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 08.17.00Or maybe he can go out with Middlesbrough’s Spanish contingent. L’Equipe believe the presence of several Spanish players and Aitor Karanka at Middlesbrough could be a pull for Jese.

PSG are now worried they may be stuck with Jese, so if Middlesbrough still want the player, and Karanka can convince him, then a bargain deal could be on the cards.

Of course, it’s only really a bargain if it works out.