Back in the headlines despite being injured until around January, Wesley Fofana is reportedly a target for Newcastle United.

However, until that bid happens and Leicester City reject it (or accept it if it’s large enough), the player remains contracted to the Foxes, who benefitted fully of the youngster’s talent prior to his setback.

Signing him from Saint-Etienne for a fee of £31m or so, the Premier League side not only acquired one of the more promising players in his position, but also saved the Ligue 1 side from potential bankruptcy.

That’s according to Xavier Thuilot, their general director at the time of the sale, who was interviewed by fan website Poteaux Carrés.

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Asked about whether or not the club will survive the season without making sales, his answer wasn’t that positive, suggesting that, yes, Saint-Etienne would need to let some players go to ensure they are financially stable next year and pass their yearly checks by the DNCG.

He then talked about what happened when the centre-back was sold: “You know, I was there when Fofana left, and it wasn’t planned, but five days before the end of the transfer window, we found out from our sources that the money from Mediapro in October wouldn’t be arriving.

“That’s when it no longer becomes a question of emotions, of sport… it becomes how do you pay the employees until June 30th, regardless of their job. Without selling Fofana, the club would have disappeared, It was impossible otherwise”.

So, in essence, Leicester City saved AS Saint-Etienne, and that’s something their fans should always be grateful for.