Ecuadorian side LDU have confirmed they’re playing Manchester United in a friendly at Old Trafford next year.

The South American club are planning the game to be a farewell match for Antonio Valencia, who will have the chance to see his two last sides facing each other.

The match was confirmed by LDU director Esteban Paz on Monday. He’s been interviewed by Radio Huancavilca, and finally gave a concrete position about the friendly which has been speculated about for a few months now.

“Soon we’ll have the possibility to play against United at Old Trafford, where Antonio Valencia will have his farewell match,” Esteban Paz told Radio Huancavilca. “We hope it will be for the first quarter of next year.”

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Antonio Valencia joined Manchester United from Wigan Athletic in 2008, and is therefore due a testimonial. He made 339 appearances for the Red Devils, winning two Premier League titles with the club.

He left Old Trafford to move to LDU on a free move last summer. His time in Ecuador has been a little controversial, since he’s been sent off twice in his first months at the South American side.

Whether LDU will get the match in the first quarter of the year may be questionable, and it’s possible Manchester United would want to wait until the end of the season.