Argentine side Independiente are planning to play a friendly against Manchester City.

Faryd Mondragón, who’s just been appointed as the club’s new international relations director, spoke to TNT on Thursday night, and talked about his first missions in the job.

Due to Sergio Agüero’s popularity both among Independiente and Manchester City fans, the official believes that a friendly with the Premier League side would be a great idea.

“We want to position Independiente with the world, as it deserves. Kun Agüero and Nico Tagliafico are impressive ambassadors for us, how is it possible that the club did nothing with Manchester City through Agüero? That’s why we have to generate exchanges with big clubs in the world.

“One of the aspirations is that we can play a game with Manchester City because it would mean a lot for Kun and the history of Independiente.”

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Sergio Aguero was part of Independiente’s academy and left the club in 2006, at the age of 16, to move to Atlético Madrid. He only made 36 appearances for the Argentine side, but his success in Europe made the club very proud of him.

Since he’s also an Independiente fan, there have been many quotes from the striker claiming he’d like to return to the club after he leaves Manchester City.

But with recent reports from Argentine saying Agüero would like to extend his contract with the Premier League side, it seems it will still take a while until he goes back to Argentina.