Sometimes disagreements can come back to bite, regardless of whose fault the whole thing was.

That’s the case for Manchester City right now and their efforts to sign Thiago Almada.

The 18 year old midfielder plays for Velez Sarsfield, and he’s being pushed forward as the first signing of City’s partnership with Sporting.

Almada is very highly rated and whilst there’s disagreement over how a deal would be built, the general idea has been that Manchester City would sign him, in one form or another, and he’d then be sent to the Lisbon club to further develop.

However, Velez aren’t the biggest City fans. It dates back to the transfer of Benjamín Garré, a 19 year old in the English club’s U23 squad.

Manchester City took him from Velez without going into negotiations or paying a transfer fee, and it’s been the subject of protracted legal actions.

Sunday’s edition of Record quotes Miguel Calello, former Velez president and current director, as saying: “We want Thiago Almada to stay in Velez this year. If Manchester City wants to come and pick him up, they’ll have to sit down with the Velez leaders to sort things out. They have already robbed a player from the club.”

The insinuation has been that City would have to pay the youngster’s €25m buyout clause.