Samu Saiz to Getafe is growing.

There are several reports in Spain treating the January transfer as fact, and the reason for that is Angel Torres.

Getafe’s president attended a gala on Thursday evening and was quite outspoken. The club falls within the wider Madrid region and Torres claimed the powers that be in Spanish football want two teams from the capital to be relegated.

Rayo Vallecano are 19th out of 20, but Getafe are up in 8th and shouldn’t be quite so nervous.

Torres then moved on to talking about transfers. El Espanol and others explain he talked about an imminent signing, and made it absolutely clear that would be Samu Saiz, without mentioning the player’s name.

Saiz is from Madrid and has been at Getafe previously.

Torres is quoted as saying he wouldn’t use the player’s name because “The English would get angry”.

El Espanol say the president added Saiz could be at Getafe’s stadium on Saturday as the club face Real Sociedad, and will pass a medical at the weekend.

There’s three possibilities here.

  1. It’s happening.
  2. Torres hasn’t been clear enough, so the Spanish media are all wrong and the player isn’t Saiz.
  3. Torres is more confident of a deal happening than he should be.