Even though Envigado are certainly gutted about losing Yaser Asprilla, there’s clearly a little pride from their end in seeing him moving to a Premier League side.

The 18-year-old left Colombia to sign for Watford on a €3m deal, but there’s still the small detail to sort out of whether he’ll have the chance to play for the Hornets this season or leave on loan somewhere else.

Now regardless of what the Vicarage Road side will do with him now, Envigado are sure they just secured themselves a gem, because in an interview with Win Sports today, their club president Ramiro Ruiz brought a few details of the race which was formed for the player.

“In the hands of Watford is one of the best players in recent times in Colombian football”, Ruiz told Win Sports.

“Several offers from important teams in Europe arrived, but we have had a long-standing relationship with Watford and, with what we have been developing, we are confident in the sports project they have for Yaser.

“We believe that it was the best decision, by virtue of continuing to fulfil that dream and continue to enhance it, the difference that he will make if he is well surrounded in international football.”

Ruiz also talked about the agreement between the clubs, claiming the Colombian side will still have the right of a percentage from a future transfer.

“Envigado keep 20% of the economic rights, Watford acquire 100% of the federal rights and 80% of the economic rights. It’s Watford’s decision, it was issued by the CTI that certifies the team’s ownership of the player, it is important to have a player like Yaser, but it is Watford’s decision where he will play, this must be for the benefit of the player.”

According to recent claims from the Italian media, in case Watford don’t get a work permit for Asprilla now, he could end up being loaned to Udinese.