You would think that after signing both Aaron Ramsey and Adrien Rabiot on frees, the last thing Juventus would now need is Paul Pogba.

Even Gazzetta dello Sport seem a bit perplexed as to why the Serie A champions still want the Manchester United midfielder, other than the fact he can be quite good with the football at his feet at times.

They say the ‘dream resists’, refusing to fade into nothingness, but everyone at Juventus is fully aware of the difficulties of making it come true.

The only solution, once the money for Matthijs de Ligt ends up in Ajax’s bank account, will be to throw in as many players into the deal as possible to lower the cash cost.

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Fabio Paratici is ‘convinced’ he has the cards up his sleeve to pull off a deal, with the ace being a certain Paulo Dybala, whom Manchester United have ‘appreciated for many years’ and would allow Juventus to ‘get closer to the amazing price’ slapped on Pogba’s back.

On top of that, there’s also Alex Sandro, who has previously ‘been enticed’ by the Red Devils’ money, and if that isn’t enough, Juventus could also chuck in Blaise Matuidi for good measure to round things off nicely.

It’s not said if Juventus would be willing to throw all three in together, or if Manchester United would simply have the ability to pick one (or two) of them on top of money.

All that’s hinted is that Paratici feels he can prove convincing enough somehow, and those names are the ones mentioned.

There’s also the need to get rid of one or two midfielders in the process to make room in the squad, but including Matuidi as part of the deal would kill two birds with one stone.

Has there ever been a ‘here’s three players and you give us one’ trade like this in elite football before?

We guess there’s always a first for everything.