When a club’s general director confirms an interest in a player a couple of days after it was announced a €9m bid had been made, it’s safe to say a transfer is well underway.

That’s what Giovanni Carnevali did on Wednesday, as the Sassuolo chief said: “Pedro Obiang interests us, but the negotiations are complicated”.

This is relayed by Il Resto di Carlino, who explain the €9m offer for West Ham comes with a four or five year (they aren’t sure which) contract for the midfielder, who finally looks set to return to Italy after three years in the Premier League.

The news of the deal being close is echoed in Gazzetta dello Sport, who explain there’s only a ‘few more days’ left to wait before the deal is done, as the Hammers need to return from their tour in China first.

Once they do, the €9m + bonuses (which were key in getting the London Stadium side to agree) deal will be made official.

That means we can (hopefully) put this one behind us, as it’s been dragging on for far too long.