We’ve covered the Jordan Veretout situation so much over the past few months that it’s becoming difficult to come up with new introductions.

The French press have been very thorough with the Aston Villa loanee’s future, updating Saint-Etienne fans with every little bit of information they can find.

After all, Veretout has had a good season on loan away from Villa Park, leading the Ligue 1 club to try to keep him beyond this season if possible.

Basing our view on what the club has been like recently, we explained (many times) how difficult it would be for Saint-Etienne to find the money to convince both Aston Villa and their midfielder to agree to a transfer.

Veretout has himself been coy about what he wants, never explicitly stating he would like to stay, but has hinted remaining in France would certainly be an agreeable option.

Well, with the departure of Christophe Galtier and Saint-Etienne likely to miss out on European football for the first time in a while, the club’s chairman announced to RMC Sport, relayed by But!, things were going to change.

And by that, he meant more money is going to be spent to ensure the club remains competitive with those around them, especially following the change of ownership at both Marseille and Lille this season.

This is, of course, good news for their fans, and potentially great news for Jordan Veretout if he does want to stay.

One of the moves Bernard Caïazzo is planning on implementing is to get rid of their ‘salary cap’, which was set at €90k/month for players.

He said: “We had a Salary Cap in place, but we’re going to evolve. We’re going into a new cycle. A cycle of far more important investing. We’re going to do like other clubs, as we’re as attractive as them, if not more than clubs like Lille or Nice.”

With the salary cap now removed and more investing planned, perhaps the funds to convince Aston Villa to let Jordan Veretout go will be there after all.

As is often said in the business: “Anything can happen in football”.