The reality of Västerås SK could really change in case Victor Lindelof’s €45m transfer from Benfica to Manchester United goes through.

The Swedish club, who are currently playing in the league’s equivalent to the third division, could become the second richest side in the country with their kickback from the deal, according to Sportbladet.

That would include a percentage as a youth club (kr8.1m, or £716k), plus 20% of the transfer, which was previously agreed with Benfica (kr88m, or £7.7m), and another fee that the Portuguese club are still to pay them, which was for Lindelof’s ten appearances for the first team (kr2.7m, or £238k).

That’s a total of kr98.8m (£8.73m), which would put the club only behind FC Malmo, who according to Sportbladet, have kr450m (£39.7m).

The outlet interviewed Västerås’ president Bengt-Åke Nilsson, who is trying to make things calm before they put their hands on that much money.

“This is a dream sum for an association like us, with a turnover of kr6m (£530k). You must pinch the arm to believe it could be true. I can only comment on what the media writes, and if it happens, it would be a great Christmas gift.”

“I hardly dare to think about it but it’s clear that if that is the case, then the conditions radically change for us. Then, there’s a new challenge to keep the money that is coming in force. But as I said, it’s only speculation so far.

“We are about kr1m (£89k) in debt to the city of Vasteras with a payment plan that still runs for three years and have about kr300,000 to kr400,000 in other debts. So we have between kr1.2 and kr1.5 million in liabilities. All that’s being speculated would be welcome for us because we are a club that two years ago was regarded as bankrupt. It would be quite the journey for us if so.”

Benfica’s debt with Västerås has been taken to FIFA as the Portuguese club claims that Lindelof’s new contract canceled the clause. You can get more information from this fine piece from The Guardian on the issue.