Pachuca president Jesús Martínez has denied that Hirving Lozano has an agreement to join Manchester United. After so many rumours from the Mexican press, the club boss has spoken out to vanish the speculations.

“They are rumours that sometimes make us laugh,” said the president (via Univision).

“This institution has always been very serious, when there is something effective, concrete, we will be the first who will tell the player, because they have to agree with my player.”

But there’s a disagreement inside the club. Several times, the vice-president has confirmed the negotiations with Manchester United, as we explained in this article.

Lozano’s father has already confirmed the Red Devils interest as well, and there were even claims the player’s father in law was sorting things about his move to England.

So maybe Martínez’ quotes will be only one more to be added to that timeline. There are people in Mexico who obviously want these rumours to be in the papers, and that objective has been fulfilled.

Lozano will participate in the Olympics for Manchester United, and the club’s new scout Tommy Møller Nielsen has already confirmed he’ll be attending the tournament.