Middlesbrough are heading to Portugal this summer for their pre-season training camp.

Michael Carrick is a fan of the country, and the Championship club will be spending a week there as they prepare for another shot at trying to make it to the Premier League.

Middlesbrough had already announced their trip to Portugal for a training base, with the club saying they were set to head to the country on July 9th.

Part of that statement regarding pre-season made it clear there would likely be a friendly during that trip, although the club wasn’t known.

Well, Vitória de Guimarães have now announced it for them. The Liga Portugal club say the match will be on July 13th in the Algarve, although they don’t say at which stadium.

Jota Silva is the big star at the Portuguese club but it’s doubtful that he’s still around by then.

Having made his Portugal debut this year, he’s being linked with multiple clubs around Europe and there’s a chance he’ll have gone by the time Middlesbrough arrive.