While incoming deals are the focus for Wolverhampton Wanderers this summer as they look to build on an impressive first year back in the Premier League, finding a home for Rafa Mir is also a priority.

There has already been plenty of talk about where the young striker may end up next season, with Wolves seemingly keen to find him regular playing time somewhere.

Zaragoza are particularly keen on him and, we covered a report from El Periódico de Aragón that they were trying to get a deal done. However, as the newspaper reported, they were struggling to find a solution.

El Periódico de Aragón update their story today and say Zaragoza are ‘not willing to give up’ on Mir and ‘will fight until the end’ to get him this summer, despite it being an ‘almost impossible mission’.

Wolves are keen to get the deal done as quickly as possible, although they would prefer to move him to La Liga or the Championship. For his part, Mir is keen on the move to Zaragoza, as they have made it clear he will be given a significant role and form the focal point of the attack.

However, his salary is an issue. Mir makes £20,000 a week at Wolves, which is a high price for a club like Zaragoza. They would presumably need Wolves to cover some of that to take Mir next season.

Zaragoza are refusing to ‘throw in the towel’ on the potential move, though, and ‘trust that an agreement with the English club would be feasible’.

It seems the ball is very much in Wolves court on this one. Zaragoza are very keen, and it seems Mir is happy to go there. They need Wolves cooperation, particularly on the wage front, to sign him.

Perhaps Wolves, who want Mir to head somewhere a little more challenging, are holding out for a better offer before letting the Zaragoza move happen.