Flamengo today announced the departure of Andreas Pereira.

Following the one-year loan spell the midfielder had at the club, they made no efforts to buy him and he’s returning to Manchester United.

This is the end of a long saga which, hopefully for the last time, we’ll explain in a couple of paragraphs.

When agreeing the loan, Flamengo and Manchester United agreed a buying option for €20m.

Then at the start of the year, with the player’s spell being far from impressive, there was a new deal to make the move for €10m.

It turned out, however, that Flamengo started delaying the purchase for several reasons, never making it clear if they would honour the agreement or not.

In the end, they did not move, and Manchester United ended up empty-handed, with Andreas returning to England.

Following the end of this controversial situation, journalist Eric Faria, who’s quite influential in the Brazilian media, made a tweet blaming Flamengo directors for how this process was handled.

However, he claims this was not the fault of vice-president Marcos Braz and football director Bruno Spindel, but others: “You, red-black, may think it’s not worth paying €10m at Andreas. But what some leaders – Braz and Spindel aside – did to undermine the business was unusual. They acted badly with the athlete, with Manchester United and left Fla exposed. Bad outcome.”