On Thursday, Lille manager Christophe Galtier gave a rather candid interview to L’Equipe, where he discussed various topics, including his future.

Currently contracted in the north of France, the manager doesn’t have any plans to leave his current job just yet, but he also isn’t hiding the fact he’d like to try something else down the line.

According to a close friend of his, former Nîmes Olympique manager Régis Brouard, Galtier’s dream is to manage Liverpool.

In the interview with L’Equipe, the Lille manager said: “I have an intimate goal, a place where I’d like to one day be manager. It’s not crazy or ambitious. Only my wife knows”.

While Brouard certainly isn’t his wife, the manager does point out to L’Equipe du Soir that he did his coaching badges with Galtier, during which he says the former Saint-Etienne head coach ‘openly admitted’ he’d love to work at Anfield.

In fact, as part of their course, they had to go do a week of work experience at another club, with the Lille man doing so at Liverpool.

The only catch in all this is his claim that his desired place ‘isn’t crazy or ambitious’, but, then again, that’s according to him, and perhaps he has full confidence in his ability, and sees himself being one of the candidates when Jürgen Klopp decides to look elsewhere.