Claudio Bravo doesn’t much like the Chilean press.

The Manchester City goalkeeper has repeatedly blasted the media in his home country for being unfair to the national team.

At times Bravo’s behaviour has been odd, he’d spend months being mocked by the English media, without so much as a word, and then go on international duty and chastise the Chilean press for anything he could pin on them.

It’s clear Bravo lets his England frustrations out in Chile. Another Chilean frustrated in England is Alexis Sanchez, but for very different reasons.

The Arsenal star is at the centre of a transfer saga, with Manchester City the most rumoured destination.

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It was only natural for the media in Chile to ask Bravo about the Arsenal player’s transfer situation and potential issues in the national squad, and Red Gol quote him as saying: “I don’t see it as a difficult time, he has an incredible panorama ahead. If he has new horizons, it doesn’t have to be a bad thing.”

Bravo then went on to tell the Chilean media off for reporting an argument between Sanchez and national manager Juan Antonio Pizzi.

Sanchez is reported to have asked Pizzi for time off to sort out his Arsenal exit. Bravo thinks the potential transfer isn’t causing any disruption, but the reporting of the situation is.

The goalkeeper predictably blamed the media for potentially disrupting the Chile squad, and warned them all to be more careful with their actions.