The rumours which have been linking Sergio Oliveira to Southampton should really start being put to bed, according to Portuguese claims.

The player, who’s only training with Porto’s reserve squad, has been the subject of much speculation as the Portuguese media believe he still has good standing in the European transfer market.

The Portuguese media recently claimed Southampton made a €4.5m bid for him. Then Record came with an answer yesterday, saying Oliveira was having second thoughts about accepting it, since he wants a club who challenge for titles.

CapturarA Bola go with the same claim today. They say that even though many clubs including Southampton want Oliveira, the player isn’t keen on accepting any offers to leave Porto.

It’s claimed there’s interest from France and England, but the midfielder, who has his contract running until 2020, is pretty good where he is.

The 24-year-old has played for only 54 minutes this season, and is clearly out of Porto’s plans for the future. A Bola treat the matter as ‘an issue to be resolved’.

On Wednesday the same newspaper said he was on the market, with no destination found.

As we stated yesterday it’s still hard to believe that a footballer who has been sent to train with Porto’s reserve squad believes he’s too good to consider a Southampton move.