Earlier on Wednesday, we covered the breaking story coming out of Belgium that Ishak Belfodil was leaving Standard Liège to join Ronald Koeman’s Everton for around €12m.

DH were the ones to come up with all of the information, and it all seemed pretty clear.

However, RTL in Belgium have released some of their own information, which, if true, makes the deal look a whole lot better for Everton, and a whole lot worse for their Belgian counterparts.

Brought in as a free agent at the beginning of the season, Belfodil’s sale for €12m would have been an incredible turnaround for Standard Liège, but RTL claim all they’re actually getting for the player is around a third of that.

The Belgian website report that, according to a source close to the player, Everton are actually only paying €4m for Belfodil, of which the player is taking a percentage in order to never reveal the true amount of the transfer.

Kind of like a confidentiality payment.

RTL then list a couple of reasons as to why Standard would lie about the amount paid by Everton and claim it’s €12m, which essentially boil down to ‘it makes them look better’ both to other players and their own fans.

Whether this is true, we’ll probably never know, but if it is, Everton have got themselves a nice little deal.