Earlier today, we covered a piece from Argentine outlet Olé which said Gonzalo Montiel is analysing the possibility of leaving Nottingham Forest.

The fullback, who belongs to Sevilla and is loaned to the Reds for the rest, is said to be considering a comeback to River Plate.

As journalist Juan Cortese features a video on the Buenos Aires’ side’s search for reinforcement, he puts the situation in a whole different position.

According to his report, it’s Nottingham Forest who want Montiel gone, willing to send him back to Sevilla, but the Spanish club don’t want him either, and that’s where River Plate could get an opportunity.

Since arriving at City Ground, Montiel made five appearances, with a total of 237 minutes on the pitch, but hasn’t played for the club since October.

So it does make sense that the Reds want to offload him from the squad, and if Sevilla have no interest in having him back, River Plate’s chase shows up as a solution for all parties.

Now it remains to be seen whether the Argentine club will have the economic power to make that operation possible.