Both struggling for results these days, it seems Mauricio Pochettino and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer are in a race to see who can sink their ship the quickest.

Losing 3-0 to Brighton at the weekend, Tottenham continued their terrible run of form, hoping to bounce back from the 7-2 dismantling at the hands of Bayern Munich only to do anything but.

That did nothing to alleviate the pressure on Pochettino’s shoulders, which is growing by the week, and unless he turns things around very soon, action might need to be taken from Daniel Levy for fear of dropping any further down the table.

However, unless the Argentine walks away, it seems unlikely anything drastic will take place this international break, but should a decision be made, top of the list is Max Allegri.

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That’s what Il Tempo seemed to claim in their Sunday edition, as they reported the former Juventus manager is ‘in pole’ for the job.

There’s not a lot more information, and it could be this is just part of the back and forth that has gone on between the English and Italian press over the past few weeks regarding the Italian tactician, but it’s worth keeping an eye on.

It’s also worth pointing out Corriere dello Sport reported a week or so ago that Allegri wasn’t planning on taking a job this season, wanting a full year off before returning to the game.

So if Levy does sack Pochettino, he might need to be very convincing to get the man currently ‘in pole’ on his list.